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Do it Anyway!

Do it Anyway!

"Do it Anyway"


These three words are not just words. "Do it Anyway" is an action that has helped people climb the ladder to success they are seaking. These three words are a mindset that you can carry with you everywhere.  It doesn't matter if you feel like it or not. You set your mind on what you need to do to be successful regardless of the circumstances. You may not want to, or may not feel like it, but if it's important to your success you "Do it Anyway."



"If there is one thing that separates Jim Miller from everyone else it is that he happens to be Jim Miller - a force of nature that landed in a small house located at 802 Colorado Street in Waterloo, Iowa. A wrestling match wasn't as much about winning and losing, it was more about reaching one's full human potiential.  People may think there is a magic formula to success. The brilliance of Miller is the simplicity of his approach. Put your head down and work. Do it Anyway. Choose to be motivated. Ask for help. Treat others with respect. That's it. Nothing more. Nothing less. That's how he builds champions. And that's why this book will benefit anyone who chooses to apply it to one's life"

-Kyle Klingman, Co-author of Dan Gable's "A Wrestling Life 2," Trackwrestling journalist, and wrestling historian.

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